Before Marriage Movie 2024

Before Marriage Movie 2024:Release Date|Cast|Crew

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Before Marriage is a 2024 Indian-Telugu language romantic drama movie.An unmarried young woman is distressed to find she is with child. She faces a major decision.


1.Naveena Reddy

Naveena Reddy is an Indian actress known for her work in Telugu cinema. She gained recognition for her performances in films like “Prema Prayanam” and “Ala Ela.” Reddy has showcased versatility in her roles, earning praise for her acting skills and on-screen presence.

2.Naga Mahesh

Naga Mahesh is an Indian actor known for his work in Telugu cinema. He has appeared in several films, gaining recognition for his performances. Mahesh has showcased versatility in his roles, portraying characters ranging from romantic leads to intense dramatic roles.

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  • Naveena Reddy
  • Naga Mahesh
  • Sunitha Manohar
  • Lakshman


Directed bySreedhar Reddy Atakula
Written bySreedhar Reddy Atakula
Produced byYeddula Jagadeswara Reddy
Music byPeddapalli Rohith(P.R)
Release date26 January 2024

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