Hack Crimes Online

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Hack: Crimes Online is True stories of shocking incidents of cybercrime hacking social media accounts, blackmailing, launching ransomware attacks on large corporate companies, PUBG and much more.


Vipul Gupta

Riddhi Kumar

Lata Sbharwala

Disha Arora

Akash Ayyar


  • Vipul Gupta
  • Riddhi Kumar
  • Akash Ayyar
  • Akhil Khattar
  • Sajjad Hussain Khan
  • Akaknksha Pandey
  • Lata Sbharwala
  • Disha Arora
  • Pratkyask Panwar
  • Mahesh Phalke
  • Amit Kaushik
  • Parag Kilche
  • Charu Datt Sharma
  • Sidharth Mishra
  • Nayyar Jafferi
  • Leena Sharma
  • Aslam Siddiqui
  • Jia Mustafa


Directed byParmeet Sethi
Produced byShital Bhatia
Avi Udeshi
Roohani Yagnik
Written byYash Dave
Amit Dubey
Allyson Patel
Music by Julius Packiam
Release datesNovember 10, 2023
Country India
Language Hindi
NetworkAmazon Prime Video
GenresDrama, Crime, Suspense
No. of episodes6


Set against the bustling backdrop of Mumbai, ‘Hack Crimes Online’ takes viewers on a journey through the intricate world of cybercrime. Headed by ACP Ashutosh (Vipul Gupta), the Cyber Crime Unit endeavours to unravel the most challenging cases in the realm of online criminal activities.


  • ‘Hack Crimes Online’ draws inspiration from the acclaimed book by the renowned Indian cybercrime investigator, Amit Dubey. Directed by Parmeet Sethi, the show delves deep into the dual nature of the internet – a tool that provides unparalleled convenience yet harbours potential dangers capable of wreaking havoc on a national scale.
  • From dismantling drug syndicates to thwarting bank and ATM frauds, and tackling child pornography rings, the 9-part series meticulously follows the Cyber Crime Unit’s pursuit of justice. ACP Ashutosh leads a team of skilled hackers, including the fiery Shakti (Riddhi Kumar), the tech-savvy Jigar (Akash Ayyar), and the resourceful Girish (Akhil Khattar).
  • While ‘Hack Crimes Online’ is motivated to shed light on the gravity of cybercrimes, it falls short of its potential, presenting itself as a spoon-fed dump of information. Each episode introduces a new and intriguing case, keeping the audience engaged. However, the 25-minute runtime per episode proves to be a hindrance, resulting in cases being wrapped up hastily and feeling somewhat underdeveloped.
  • Vipul Gupta delivers a convincing performance as ACP Ashutosh, but the character’s arc could have been better crafted to leave a lasting impact. Riddhi Kumar excels in her role as Shakti, portraying a feisty and determined character with depth. Akash Ayyar and Akhil Khattar provide solid support in solving the complex cases presented.
  • In conclusion, ‘Hack Crimes Online’ is an interesting one-time watch that sheds light on the mentality of cybercriminals and showcases how technology can empower law enforcement in making cities safer. Despite its shortcomings, the series offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cybercrime and the ongoing battle to maintain the security of our interconnected world.


1.Which OTT platform is hack crime online?

ANS: Amazon mini 

2. What is the story of hack crime online 2023?

ANS: The team has to investigate the suicide of a school girl who became the victim of cyber bullying.

3. Who is the heroine of hack crime online web series?

ANS:  Riddhi Kumar

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5. Who is the director of hack crimes online web series?

ANS: Parmeet Sethi

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