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MERA BHAI Upon finding out that his elder brother smokes with his friends, Sittu tries to manipulate him and get all his work done until Bittu gets frustrated and teaches him a lesson.


Badri Chavan

Chinmay Chandraunshuh

Madhu Sachdeva

Deepak Daryani


  • Badri Chavan
  • Chinmay Chandraunshuh
  • Madhu Sachdeva
  • Deepak Daryani
  • Prakhar Sharma
  • Hemant Mishra
  • Praveen Rajj
  • Shanu Mishra
  • Upender Yadav


Directed bySaksham Arora
Produced byVaibhav Bundhoo
Anandeshwar Dwivedi
Akshat Vijaywargiya
Written byGarima Kunzru
Saqib Pandor
Gunjan Saxena
Release dates5th January 2024
Country India
Language Hindi
NetworkAmazon Prime Video
GenresComedy , Drama
No. of episodes6


  • I find the ‘Gulak’ series better than this one in terms of unveiling the relationship between brothers. I am not criticizing that this show is not good, although it could have been better in direction. I personally didn’t enjoy the acting of Badri Chavan (Bittu). 
  • The Gulak series is not mainly focused on the “brother-brother” bond. Its storyline and acting make us see just the duo of them. ‘Mera Bhai’ could have worked much better if it had focused more on its story and execution. Meanwhile, ‘Mera Bhai’ is streaming on Amazon Mini TV for free right now.
  • The forever love for siblings is unconditional and undivided. Both casts shared a special bond and were entertaining for a good laugh. Whenever Sittu struggles in his studies, Bittu comes to the rescue. When Bittu feels low, Sittu reassures him. Although I feel both the actors make a good pair.

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