The Zone of Interest Movie 2023

The Zone of Interest Movie 2023

Discripation-The Zone of Interest Movie 2023

The Zone of Interest Movie 2023 is a historical drama film.The commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss, and his wife Hedwig, strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden next to the camp.


1.Christian Friedel

Born: 9 March 1979, Magdeburg, Germany
Christian Friedel is a German actor and singer. Having acted in a number of German language productions, he is best known internationally as part of the main cast of the Netflix television thriller series Babylon Berlin and as Rudolf Höss in the 2023 drama The Zone of Interest.

2.Sandra Hüller

Born: 30 April 1978, Suhl, Germany
Sandra Hüller is a German actress. She has starred in German, Austrian, American, British and French films.


In 1943, Rudolf Höss, who was in charge of Auschwitz, lived with his wife Hedwig and their five children in a nice house near the camp. They enjoyed family activities like swimming and fishing. Hedwig took care of the garden, while servants handled chores. Strangely, the prisoners’ belongings were given to Höss’s family. Despite the peaceful facade, beyond the garden wall, they could hear disturbing sounds of gunshots, shouting, and the noises from trains and furnaces.

Höss approved the construction of a new crematorium at the camp. One day, he found human remains in the river, prompting him to scold the camp staff for their carelessness.

Later, Höss learned he was promoted and had to move to Berlin. He kept it a secret from Hedwig, who loved their home. She pleaded with him to let her and the children stay, and surprisingly, the request was granted. Höss moved to Berlin alone. Hedwig’s mother visited but left in shock after seeing the camp.

Meanwhile, a Polish girl helped prisoners by hiding food at their work sites every night.

Months later, Höss was put in charge of a mission to transport many Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz for execution. This allowed him to return to Auschwitz and reunite with his family. However, he seemed emotionally distant during a celebration and admitted to Hedwig that he spent his time in Berlin planning efficient ways to gas people.

In the present, janitors are shown cleaning the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. Back in Berlin, Höss, feeling sick, walks away from his office and descends a dark stairway out of sight.


  • Christian Friedel
  • Sandra Hüller
  • Ralph Herforth
  • Johann Karthaus
  • Luis Noah Witte
  • Nele Ahrensmeier
  • Lilli Falk
  • Medusa Knopf

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Directed byJonathan Glazer
Written byJonathan Glazer
Based onThe Zone of Interest
by Martin Amis
Produced byJames Wilson
Ewa Puszczyńska
Music byMica Levi
Release dates19 May 2023 (Cannes)
15 December 2023 (United States)
2 February 2024 (United Kingdom)
9 February 2024 (Poland)
Running time105 minutes
CountriesUnited States
United Kingdom
Box office$509,235


1.This movie delves into a harrowing exploration of the atrocities committed by Nazis, delivering a fresh and thought-provoking perspective that is both haunting and compelling. The film’s portrayal of these heinous crimes will leave you deeply moved, offering a powerful and touching viewing experience that is both impactful and necessary. Prepare to be taken on an emotional journey that will challenge your perceptions and leave a lasting impression.

2.Wonderful German whitewashing propaganda. Of the poor whittle Germans.

3.Brilliant in its subtlety and artistry


1.Who stars in The Zone of Interest?
Sandra Hüller, Christian Friedel, and Freya Kreutzkam

2.Who wrote The Zone of Interest?
Jonathan Glazer and Martin Amis

3.Who directed The Zone of Interest?
Jonathan Glazer

4.Who was the composer for The Zone of Interest?
Mica Levi

5.Who was the producer of The Zone of Interest?
Ewa Puszczynska and James Wilson

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