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Two Worlds Apart Yeon-joo discovers that W, a webtoon created by her father, is a living world and saves the protagonist, Kang Chul. A confused Kang Chul falls in love with her and follows her to the real world.


Lee Jong-suk

Han Hyo-joo

Kang Ki-young

Jeong Eu-gene


  • Lee Jong-suk
  • Han Hyo-joo
  • Jeong Eu-gene
  • Kim Eui-sung
  • Lee Tae-Hwan
  • Park Won-sang
  • Lee Si-eon
  • Kang Ki-young
  • Minyeong Choi
  • Derek Chouinard
  • Nair Sachin


Directed by Jung Dae-yoon
Produced bySon Hyung-suk
Written bySong Jae-jung
Music by Julius Packiam
Release dates20 July 2016
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Network Release(MBC TV)
Network In HindiAmazon Prime Video
GenresFantasy, Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Action
Running time70 minutes
First episode date20 July 2016 (South Korea)
Final episode date14 September 2016
No. of episodes16


Two Worlds Apart is Fictional webtoon entitled W is written by its legendary author Oh Seong-moo which begins to function on its own, like a different world existing there. The story-line of the webtoon starts when a handsome and intelligent boy Kang Chul becomes famous as he won a shooting competition. But this fame is interrupted when the unknown Murderer massacres his family, and he is erroneously accused of the crime. Yeon-joo is the daughter of the author of the famous W. She goes to her father’s studio to investigate his sudden disappearance. There, she is pulled into W’s alternate universe and meets its protagonist Kang Chul with whom she eventually falls in love.


  • An innovated plot of time shifting, attracting eye ball in the first hand. But as the story goes to the middle it becomes a bit illogical.
  • Still an alright drama worth to be seen
  • W: Two worlds is an exciting, fast-paced drama that will leave you constantly guessing on the edge of your seat. The storyline is extremely unique and the main leads did a fantastic job in playing their roles. The acting was powerful and I really felt for them in some of the scenes. Although there are a few clichés such as good vs evil, the plot is well written and pretty unpredictable. My only caveat is that some of the subplots in Oh Yeon-joo’s world were not as interesting. Overall, this drama is a must-watch and most certainly among the best kdramas out there.
  • Don’t be surprised if you’ll end up binge watching this k-drama. It happened to me, though I was reluctant at first to see it. The story seemed a bit strange and complicated about two parallel worlds. Also I was misled by the synopsis thinking it would be a live action webtoon. However, this mini-series was so much more.
  • I found “W” a.k.a Two Worlds a thrilling, well acted and visually glamorous k-drama that’s a homage to old film-noirs and detective stories. Filled with classic heroes and villains, cliffhangers, blazing guns and screeching tires. The slow-paced, old fashioned romance added to this nostalgic feel as did the mysterious music score. I loved it!
  • Okay so I love plot twist… and this dramaaaa has plot twist one after another !! I was so surprised how can this drama be so so so interesting !!! Everything about this was perfect omg !! It’s definitely a must watch !!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍


1. Does Kdrama W have a happy ending?

ANS: The ending is but great and sad one. It is understandable that either the main character of the comic story or the author has to die since the author is also an antagonist trying to kill the protagonist on several occasion. Even though the ending his sad it is still great. It is a Korean drama worth watching.

2. How old is Jong Suk?

ANS: 34 years (14 September 1989)

3. Is Two World Apart worth watching?

ANS: This series is exciting, interesting, fast paced and has a unique plot. The setting of the story is about two worlds – The real one and the webtoon one. While the parallel world concept isn’t anything original (a lot of movies and TV use it. i.e. Dark) but this one is well-presented and doesn’t confuse viewers.

4. Is there season 2 of Between Two Worlds?

ANS: Big budget drama is not returning to Seven following disappointing ratings. For those who were wondering, Seven drama Between Two Worlds is officially not returning.

5. How many episodes of two worlds apart are there?

ANS:  16 episodes

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