Weak Layers Movie 2024

Weak Layers Movie 2024:Upcoming Hollywood Movie

Discripation-Weak Layers Movie 2024

Three party-loving best friends set out to win a ski-movie competition. An uproarious comedy that takes on the male-dominated ski industry.


1.Katie Burrell

Katie is a comedian, actor, director, screenwriter, influencer, and “professional leisure athlete.” With a background in stand-up comedy and improv, her character driven creative skills have ranged from award-winning films Dream Job and Coach to viral brand content on social media

2.Jadyn Wong

Born: Medicine Hat, Canada
Jadyn Wong is a Canadian actress, best known for playing mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn on the CBS show Scorpion.

3.Chelsea Conwright

The Book Of Clarence Movie 2024


  • Neal Bledsoe
  • Charlie Manoukian
  • KC Deane
  • Kevin Alain
  • Darius Devine
  • Scott Gaffney
  • Josh Gold
  • Debbie Dutton
  • Beau Martino
  • Nui Ponphila
  • D. Brad St. Cyr
  • Colton Ward
  • Robin Soli
  • Dave Cherry


DirectorKatie Burrell
WritersKatie Burrell
Andrew Ladd
Produced byJared Drake
Music byCody Westheimer
Release DateJanuary 5, 2024

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