Crimes Aaj Kal Season 2

Crimes Aaj Kal Season 2|Starring | Cast | Crew | Story|


Vikrant Massey

Bushra Shaikh

Vrutansh Upadhyay


  • Vikrant Massey
  • Bushra Shaikh
  • Vrutansh Upadhyay
  • Pratik Gandhi
  • Sandeep Kumaar
  • Amit Bhardwaj
  • Fardeen mewati
  • Saandesh Nayak
  • Revathi Iyer
  • Palak Singh
  • Prapti Shukla
  • Hetal Gada
  • Trishna Mukherjee
  • Bhimraj Malaji
  • Varun Buddhadev
  • Rutpanna Aishwarya
  • Ankita Sahu
  • Monika Chowdhury


Directed byNavdeep Dahiya
Subbu Iyer
Produced byVipul D. Shah
Animesh G. Bhaya
Written bySubbu Iyer
Chirag Kakkad
Sandeep Kohli
Vipul D. Shah
EditorB. Mahanteshwar
Chin2 Singh
Satya Sharma
Music by Dharmik Samani
Running time1 hr 35 min
Release datesDecember 22, 2023
Country India
Language Hindi
NetworkAmazon Prime Video


An exploration of the incidents where youth – whether victims or perpetrators – have entered a “dead end” by giving wings to their feelings of hatred, anger, jealousy and greed, and their desire for instant gratification.


  • It urges you to think where is the present and future of this generation is going.. Gives a tough time to the existing parents and even the would be.. Making them face the unpleasant truth of today’s more virtual world.
  • The narrator(Vikrant Messey) rightly says it’s not us who has the control of this digital world but we are helpless and being controlled by the mobile itself.
  • Brilliantly written and executed. Some spine chilling and heart wrenching episodes which literally can leave you in a state of shock for a while. All the episodes have been performed with dedication and patience.


1. Is crimes Aaj Kal based on true story?

ANS: based on true events happening all around the country.

2. Is crimes Aaj Kal worth watching?

ANS: A must-watch for any crime drama enthusiast

3. Which app is crime Aaj Kal on?

ANS: Amazon miniTV

4. What was the first true crime story?

ANS: John Reynolds’ The Triumphe of God’s Revenge Against the Crying and Execrable Sinn of Murther

5. Why do people enjoy watching crime series?

ANS: offer a reassuring narrative formula, reinforce a sense of moral clarity, and remind us of our good luck.

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