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Good Night is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy film.A simple boy-next-door whose biggest problem in life is his snoring, falls in love with a girl. Follow how the couple overcome his sleeping problem while living together.



Born:29 September 1987
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
K. Manikandan is an Indian film writer, actor and director who works in the Tamil film industry.

2.Meetha Raghunath

3.Ramesh Thilak

Born: 3 May 1985, Tamil Nadu
Ramesh Thilak is an Indian radio jockey and actor who has appeared in Tamil films. He made his breakthrough with Nalan Kumarasamy’s Soodhu Kavvum portraying a kidnapper, before playing a similar role of a thief in Alphonse Putharen’s bilingual film Neram.

4.Raichal Rabecca

Raichal Rebecca(Raichal Rabecca) is an Actress and Doctor from India, has worked in the Tamil language movies.


Mohan comes from an ordinary middle-class family. Unfortunately, his dad passed away because of alcohol, leaving behind Mohan, his older sister, and younger sister. His sister married Mohan’s friend, who works with water filters, against their family’s wishes.

Mohan works in an IT company but faces challenges. His boss and he don’t get along well because Mohan struggles with English, and there was an issue when Mohan complained about his boss’s emails to female colleagues. On top of that, his loud snoring at work earned him the nickname “Motor.”

On a positive note, Mohan meets Anu, who lives upstairs with her adoptive grandparents. They start dating and support each other through their tough times. Anu has faced difficulties, being an orphan, but Mohan assures her things will be okay.

However, Mohan’s snoring becomes a problem. Anu, trying to be supportive, ends up sleep-deprived and faints at work. Concerned, Mohan decides to sleep separately, causing strain in their relationship. He tries various solutions for his snoring, but nothing works.

Tragedy strikes when Mohan’s sister loses her baby. Both Mohan and Anu blame themselves, deepening the strain in their lives. Mohan faces disrespect at work, and Anu gets a job offer in Dubai, thinking it might be best to take it due to their strained relationship.

But in the end, after some comical moments, they reconcile. Anu learns to accept Mohan’s snoring, and they embrace their life together. The movie ends with them overcoming their challenges and finding happiness.


  • Manikandan
  • Meetha Raghunath
  • Ramesh Thilak
  • Balaji Sakthivel
  • Bagavathi Perumal
  • Raichal Rabecca
  • Kausalya Natarajan
  • Uma Ramachandran
  • Nikhila Sankar
  • Jagan Krishnan
  • Priyalaya
  • Sree Arthi
  • Saivam Kala
  • Vinayak Chandrasekaran

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Directed byVinayak Chandrasekaran
Written byVinayak Chandrasekaran
Produced byYuvaraj Ganesan
Magesh Raj Pasilian
Nazerath Pasilian
Music bySean Roldan
Release date12 May 2023


1.Good Night is a delightful Tamil romantic drama that seamlessly blends in a tinge of comedy, making it an enjoyable watch for audiences of all ages. The storyline revolves around a simple yet relatable concept – the impact of snoring on a man’s married life.

2.Very impressed with the performance of Manikandan, after his unbelievable performance in Jai Bhim, he depicted natural acting and he made it feel like he’s one among us. I have so far felt that only with Vijay sethupathi and he’s the only second person with such pure talent in Tamil Cinema.

3.What a movie Broh! This movie proved we don’t need visually treat Or big heroes to fall in love with cinema. As name stand “GOOD NIGHT” simply replicate our day to day view of someone or just us. The movie cast was extraordinary especially meetha(anu) even though the characters was not talkative she just nailed by her innocent acting.

4.Very good Feel good movie. Enjoyed right starting to end. Everyone lived their life in this movie even the small dog. A simple problem in our life makes it big in someone life
Manikandan did his best as usual but the lead girl did her role really well. Never felt like she’s acting.

5.This movie may not bring anything new or exciting, but it will definitely touch your heart in ways you can’t imagine. Personally, I didn’t find much drama throughout the film, but the last 20 minutes made me both cry and laugh. It’s hard to describe how much I laughed right after shedding tears.


1.Who stars in Good Night?
Manikandan K.

2.Who wrote Good Night?
Vinayak Chandrasekaran

3.Who directed Good Night?
Vinayak Chandrasekaran

4.Who was the composer for Good Night?
Sean Roldan

5.Who was the cinematographer for Good Night?
Jayanth Mathavan

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