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Gutar Gu is an Indian-Hindi language Teen-drama television series created and directed by Saqib Pandor. Produced by Achin Jain and Guneet Monga under Sikhya Entertainment, it stars Ashlesha Thakur and Vishesh Bansal. It premiered on Amazon miniTV on 4 April 2023.


Ashlesha Thakur

Vishesh Bansal


  • Ashlesha Thakur
  • Vishesh Bansal
  • Satish Ray
  • Meenal Kapoor
  • Harsh Khurana
  • Shubham Kumar
  • Tushar Shahi
  • Aarrian Sawant
  • Anjali Israni
  • Abbhay Joshi
  • Cindrella D. Cruz
  • Sambhavi Sthapak
  • Gunjan Saini
  • Ajay Pal
  • Aditya Vikram


Directed bySaqib Pandor
Produced byAchin Jain
Guneet Monga
Written byGarima Kunzru
Saqib Pandor
Gunjan Saxena
Music by Gaurav Chatterji
Release dates4 April 2023
Country India
Language Hindi
NetworkAmazon Prime Video
Running time23-27 minutes
GenresTeen, Drama
No. of episodes6


The series follows Anuj and Ritu, two love-struck teenagers who meet in a coaching centre in Bhopal. Anuj is a small-town boy, and Ritu has just moved from Gurgaon. We follow the journey of the many firsts of their love; first dates, first gifts, first fights, bouts of jealousy, and possibly, their first kiss. Will their first relationship withstand the trials of love, or will they get lost in the Gutar Gu?


Loved this series just liked I loved flames, the way beautiful romantic chemistry is directed in this series, the characters ritu and Anuj are lovely. Must watch series this is just amazing.. I can talk a lot about this series but then it will give all idea about this, I highly recommend you to watch this series, this series consists of about 6 episodes of less then half an hour, you can easily watch this in a day, this series perfectly shows real problems and situations which happens mostly in life’s of every young teenager, After watching this I want to experience all the moments same as in this series, I hope I get one like her

  • I love this series Because it is very interesting and very creative and romantic.
  • By this series i can recall my childhood memories and the acting is very natural and people feel thrilling too when they watch this series. Gutar gu is connected to reality and it sees us many things i am waiting for the next episode if i aatch a episode and my mind says to watch another and another episode so, i liked it very very much. You will feel when you watch this series which is for free in amazon mini t.v and the acting skills of Ashlesha Thakur, Vishesh Bansal, Cindrella D’cruz, Aarrian Sawant, Satish Ray, Gunjan Saini, Tushar Shahi, Shubham Kumar are un explainable please watch these series.
  • This is a love story you watch many times with different characters and scenarios, it’s definitely a love story of two teen age couples, which we have watched in many web series and short files, still I suggest you to watch it, why I am suggesting you, because you will definitely go back to your twenties. It a very beautiful directed, beautiful writing story, it’s an organic teen age love story, with innocence, honesty and purity. The boy who played Anuj done a great job and Ritu is fantastic. You will surly praise their work in this series. Anuj is a fine actor and he reminds me Abhay Deol entire series, it like Abhay’s childhood is playing Anju. Do watch it.


1.Will there be season 2 of Gutar Gu?

ANS: The second season of the show is being brought back

2. Where is Gutar Gu available?

ANS: miniTV

3. Who is ritu in Gutar Gu?

ANS: Ashlesha Thakur

4. What is Season 2 of you coming out?

ANS: December 26th.

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