Hanu Man movie(2024)

Hanu Man movie(2024):Cast|Release Date|Crew

Discripation-Hanu Man movie(2024)

Hanu Man movie(2024):Hanu Man is a 2024 Indian Telugu-language superhero film.An imaginary place called Anjanadri where the protagonist gets the powers of Hanuman and fights for Anjanadri.


1.Teja Sajja

2.Amritha Aiyer

3.Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

4.Vinay Rai


  • Teja Sajja
  • Amritha Aiyer
  • Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
  • Vinay Rai
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Satya
  • Getup Srinu
  • Raj Deepak Shetty

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DirectorPrasanth Varma
WrittenPrasanth Varma
MusicAnudeep Dev
Hari Gowra
Krishna Saurabh
Release date12 January 2024
Country India
Language Telugu


1.I highly recommend this movie and it’s totally worth the money for the tickets.

2.Prasanth Varma has successfully directed the 2024 Indian superhero film Hanu Man, captivating audiences with his unique vision.

3.I have no words to describe this brilliantly made EPIC,it’s an out and out comedy action mythological pure family film.

4.Teja was so handsome and the heroine was very pretty,they were apt for their roles,no one could have done justice to their characters.

5.I recently had the pleasure of watching the much-anticipated Hanu-Man movie, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations.


1.When will Hanu Man be released?
January 12, 2024

2.Who will star in Hanu Man?
Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

3.Who is the writer for Hanu Man?
Prasanth Varma

4.Who is the director of Hanu Man?
Prasanth Varma

5.Who is the composer for Hanu Man?
Anudeep Dev and Hari Gowra

6.Who is the producer of Hanu Man?
K. Niranjan Reddy

7.Who is the cinematographer for Hanu Man?
Dasaradhi Sivendra and Sumer Verma

8.Who is the editor of Hanu Man?
Sai Babu Talari

9.What is the budget for Hanu Man?

10.What genre is Hanu Man?
Action, Adventure, and Fantasy

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