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The heir of a major Korean conglomerate bets his bored and wealthy friends that he can seduce a hardworking, innocent college student who doesn’t believe in love.


Vinay Pathak

Paramvir Cheema

Nunui Rualhleng

Mukesh Tiwari

Natasha Rastogi

C Lalmangaiha


  • Vinay Pathak
  • Paramvir Cheema
  • Nunui Rualhleng
  • Mukesh Tiwari
  • Natasha Rastogi
  • C Lalmangaiha


Directed bySandeep A. Varma
Produced byMohan Joshi
Sadanand Kadam
Samir Khurana
Punarvasu Naik
Ajay Rai
Sailesh Vasandani
Written byJaichelle Barretto
Varsha Kharidaha
Sandeep A. Varma
Music by Gaurav Chatterji
Tushar Lall
Release datesDecember 1, 2023
Country india
Language Hindi
NetworkAmazon Prime Video
GenresRomance, Comedy, Drama
No. of episodes10


Ishqyapa Cupid is tasked with a new assignment of making Vikram and Puii meet. Vikram has just arrived in Mizoram for a job running away from his traditional parents in Punjab. Puii has broken off with Kima. She struggles to accept her father’s second marriage.


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