Khichdi 2 Movie (2023)

Khichdi 2 Movie (2023): बॉलीवुड की नई फिल्म-खिचड़ी 2|रिलीज़ तारीख|कास्ट|कहानी|रिव्यु

Discripation:Khichdi 2 Movie (2023)

Khichdi 2 Movie (2023) खिचड़ी 2 आतिश कपाड़िया द्वारा निर्देशित एक कॉमेडी बॉलीवुड फिल्म है। इस फिल्म के स्ट्रररिंग एक्टर ,प्रोडूसर , डायरेक्टर , कौन है इसकी सारी जानकारी दी गई है।


1.सुप्रिया पाठक कपूर

2.अनंग देसाई

3.वन्दना पाठक

4.जमनादास मजेठिया

5.कीर्ति कुल्हारी


  • प्रतीक गांधी
  • फराह खान
  • कीकू शारदा
  • परेश गनात्रा
  • अनंत विधात शर्मा
  • फ्लोरा सैनी
  • राजीव मेहता

शारुखान की नई फिल्म डंकी/कहानी/रिलीज़ तारीख/स्टार कास्ट


डायरेक्टर-आतिश कपाड़िया
लिखित-आतिश कपाड़ियाआतिश कपाड़िया
द्वारा उत्पादित-विनीत जैन
जमनादास मजेठिया
रिलीज़ की तारीख-17 नवंबर 2023

खिचड़ी 2 रिव्यु

1.If you go to watch a comedy movie and end up laughing for more than 70% of the movie, then the movie is a grand success. The timing and spontaneity of the actors is amazing. The writing is hilarious.

2.I enjoyed the movie personally call it nostalgia but all the characters were superb as they were always. A solid one time watch. It’s a Movie worth waiting for OTT. If you just considering to watch a paisa vasool movie this is not for you because First One was far far better and Hilarious than this. But if you are fan just go for it.

3.Superb movie
As every time all the characters of movie played their best.
Every moment in movie only laughing as story writing is full of comic.

4.Best movie. Cast is so perfect. Original Jayshree is back in movie, missed her in KHICHDI, THE MOVIE. Already been huge fan of the show, characters, Atish Sir n JD Sir. Wishing khichdi 2 a great success.

5.Awesome movie.. loved all the characters. They are at their best. J D is again back in business with good performance. SIMPLY LOVED IT


1.Who is Bhavesh Kumar in khichdi?

Kamlesh Oza

2.Is khichdi the movie hit or flop?

Khichdi: The Movie is a 2010 Indian comedy film, written and directed by Aatish Kapadia. The film was a moderate commercial success.

3.Who is the producer of khichdi?

Khichdi producer JD Majethia shares journey of Mt Everest trek.

4.What is the biggest flop Bollywood?

The film that has lost the most amount of money at the box office in India is Adipurush.

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