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Killer Soup Swathi Shetty, a talentless home chef, cooks up a bizarre plan to replace her husband, Prabhakar, with her lover, Umesh; when a bumbling inspector and amateur villains stir the pot, things don’t go as planned and a recipe for chaos ensues.


Manoj Bajpayee

Konkona Sen Sharma

Kani Kusruti

Anula Navleker


Sayaji Shinde


  • Manoj Bajpayee
  • Konkona Sen Sharma
  • Kani Kusruti
  • Anula Navleker
  • Nassar
  • Sayaji Shinde
  • Mohanlal
  • Anbu Thasan


Directed byAbhishek Chaubey
Produced byRavi Tiwari
Written byAbhishek Chaubey
Unaiza Merchant
Harshad Nalawade
Anant Tripathi
Music by Julius Packiam
Release dates11 January 2024
Country India
Language Hindi, Tamil
Network Release(MBC TV)
Network In HindiNetflix
GenresBlack comedy, Crime, Thriller
Running time40-55 minutes
No. of episodes8


The Soup web series is about the story of Swathi Shetty &Prabhakar. Swathi is an unskilled cook who wants to open a restaurant of her own someday. Prabhakar is her doubtful husband who won’t help with her dreams and has doubts of his own. Soon fate gives her an occasion and she starts to cook up a master plan.


  • This film stands as a masterpiece, though its unique appeal might not resonate with everyone. It truly shines for those with a profound appreciation of cinematography and art. The narrative embarks on a journey that doesn’t seek a definitive conclusion, but rather celebrates the beauty of continuous exploration and experience. The performance by Kankana Sen is nothing short of mind-blowing, brilliantly supported by Manoj Vajpey and Sayaji Shinde. While some characters may come across as odd or even intolerable, the intriguing flow of the series and its engaging titles keep you hooked until the very end.
  • Review of this webseries can be in one word…UNUSUAL..But let me as usually expand …it’s a remarkable screenplay .. the crux is in the storytelling and less in the story … you see sometimes exaggerated events encompass our lives but if we go at the centre we find it’s a simple wish fulfilling exercise …collateral damage can be self responsible… the female protagonist wants a own a resturant and sell her soup that’s it …but the cascading series of events engulf so many things and lives in it and the protagonist isn’t directly responsible for it though it may appear contrary to it…Manoj bajpai is superb completely melted in the webseries like the meat in the soup giving it a killer taste I mean a killer edge to the webseries… I simply loved it though shocked from time to time on this seperentile screen play …Netflix brings it your mobile you have to invest only 8 hrs Go for it to experience something UNUSUAL ..coz it’s unusual for most people to go beyond your USUAL ways and tastes.
  • Watched all episode in one go, just had a dinner in between.Manoj and konika as usual fantastic. Alll other actors too have performed brilliantly. Old lady, knowing the soup preparation has too acted wonderfully. Daughter has also proved to be a future star. About Hassan and other South actors are always the BAAP of natural acting. Overall must watch. Love u ❤ manoj and respects to all others.
  • This series is like Opera or Jazz Its like an acquired taste , not for everyone. Abhishek Chaubey is a genius – the dark humour is too good !! Konkona Sensharma is like Lady Macbeth – brilliance is in her genes. The talent of both the character artist like Manoj Bajpai and Konkona is squeezed to its limit. And look at the location of shooting, india is so beautiful. Loved the series. Why ? Just like Dil chahta Hain movie which was criticised due to its strange direction but later over time people understood. This would also turn up as a masterpiece as time passes by.


1. How is killer soup?

ANS: texture and flavour, but it lacks consistency

2. How many seasons of the killer are there?

ANS: fourth and final season 

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