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Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual is a Filipino film and television actor. He is also the recipient of various accolades, including six FAMAS Awards, nine PMPC Star Awards for films, and a Gavad Urian Award. His date of birth is 12 January 1977 (age 47 years), Malate, Manila, Philippines.
Their baby name is Malate, Manila, Philippines. His Parents Name: Philip Victor Pascual, Amelia Nonato Pascual
Is.He completed his studies at the University of Santo Tomas.


One day when Jessica returns to her childhood home with her family, her youngest stepdaughter Alice finds a stuffed bear named Chauncey. As Alice’s behavior becomes more worrisome, Jessica intervenes only to realize that Chauncey is much more than the stuffed toy bear she believed.
Release date:March 8, 2024
Box office collection:INR Rs. 24 crores.
Cast and crew:DeWanda Wise · Jessica ; Taegen Burns · Taylor ; Pyper Braun · Alice ; Betty Buckley · Gloria ; Tom Payne · Max.
Director:Jeff Wadlow
Rating: 4.4


In this story friends unwittingly uncover an unspeakable evil trapped within a cursed deck of tarot cards. One by one, they face fate, racing against death to escape the future foretold in their lessons.
Release date:3 May 2024
Box office collection:INR $48.2 million.
Cast and crew:Harriet Slater · Haley ; Adain Bradley · Grant ; Jacob Batalon · Paxton ; Avantika · Paige ; Humberly González · Madeline.
Director:Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg


In the story a doctor uncovers his family’s secret history to prevent his fiancée’s death, only to discover secrets that link a series of 19th century murders.
Release date:3 25 December 2023
Box office collection:INR ₱225 million
Cast and crew:Piolo pascual,Anella Salvador. Agnes Salvador ; JC Santos. Brother Lucas Alarcon Segundo ; Gloria Diaz. Doña Facunda Mallari ; Bart Guingona.
Director:Derick Cabrido


Abigail is a slightly less famous heroine in the Bible, a simple woman who was married to a rich scoundrel. Abigail combined her wisdom with her wealth to appear before the enemy with the responsibility of protecting her husband’s home.
Release date:April 19, 2024
Box office collection:INR $42.1 million.
Cast and crew:Duncan Key , Samantha Bailor , Jessica Grant , Angus Cloud , Anthony Pattison , Giedrius Nagys , Aoife Bailey , Hannah Behan, Stunt Double.
Director:Aleksandr Boguslavskiy
Rating: 6.6

Death Whisperer-2

With the evidence in hand, Mia and Jack went to the press, exposing the Death Whisperers’ network. The fallout was immediate and far-reaching. Corrupt officials were arrested, and the organization was dismantled.
Jack disappeared once more, a ghost in the wind. But this time, Mia knew he was out there, watching, waiting. The Death Whisperers might be gone, but others would rise to take their place. And when they did, Mia and Jack would be ready.
Mia stood on the shore, watching the waves crash against the rocks. The storm had passed, but a new dawn was breaking. She turned and walked away, her heart light with hope and determination. The fight wasn’t over, but they had won this battle. And that was enough.
Release date:10 October 2024
Box office collection:INR $2,608,477
Cast and crew:Nadech Kugimiya. Yak ; Denise Jelilcha Kapaun. Yat ; Junior Kajbhunditt Jaidee. Yos ; Friend Peerakrit Phacharaboonyakiat. Yod ; Nina Nutthatcha Padovan.
Director:Taweewat Wantha.

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1.What is World No. 1 horror movie?

  • The Exorcist

2.Is the Shining scary?
Kubrick constantly pulls the rug out from under us in relation to what is real and what is not. This film is truly one of the scariest movies of all time and is not for the faint of heart. Teens might be drawn to this movie for its one-of-a-kind menacing atmosphere. However, it’s inappropriate for kids.

3.What was the first scary movie?
The Origins of Horror: Delving into the First Horror Movie – NYFA
Just a few years after the first filmmakers emerged in the mid-1890s, Mellies created “Le Manoir du Diable,” sometimes known in English as “The Haunted Castle” or “ The House of the Devil,” in 1896, and it is widely believed to be the first horror movie.

4.Why is horror so popular?
Behavioral scientist Coltan Scrivner at the University of Chicago contends that we may have a taste for horror because of an instinct he calls “morbid curiosity.” This instinct involves a fascination with things that are gruesome, violent, or dangerous—and a propensity to want to learn about them from a distance.

5.Is tarot a good movie?
“Tarot” is a film that strikes a chord with fans of classic horror, delivering a storyline that feels comfortably familiar yet still manages to entertain. While it doesn’t break any new ground in the genre, it offers a delightful escape for those looking to unwind with a good, old-fashioned scary movie.

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