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Pedro Alonso

Begoña Vargas

Julio Peña

Michelle Jenner

Itziar Ituño

Tristán Ulloa


  • Pedro Alonso
  • Begoña Vargas
  • Julio Peña
  • Michelle Jenner
  • Itziar Ituño
  • Tristán Ulloa
  • Najwa Nimri
  • Julien Paschal
  • Joel Sánchez
  • Marcel Gonzalez


Directed byDavid Barrocal
Albert Pintó
Geoffrey Cowper
Produced byEsther Martínez Lobato
Albert Pintó
Cristina López Ferraz
Written byEsther Martínez Lobato
David Oliva
Álex Pina
David Barrocal
Lorena G. Maldonado
Luis Garrido
Music by Frank Montasell
Lucas Peire
Running time58-61 minutes
Release dates29 December 2023
Country Spain
Language Spanish
No. of episodes8


Berlin A spin-off of the immensely popular Spanish series, Money Heist, this is the story of Berlin back in his golden age before the events of “Money Heist,” when Berlin and a masterful gang gather in Paris to plan one of his most ambitious robberies ever.


  • Boom series Berlin in Money Heist deserves a 5-star review for his compelling portrayal that enriches the series. His character is a fascinating blend of intelligence, charisma, and strategic brilliance. The complexity Berlin brings to the storyline elevates the overall narrative, making him a pivotal and memorable figure in the show. Portrayed with finesse, Berlin’s calculated demeanor and sharp intellect create a captivating on-screen presence. His character’s layered background and nuanced development contribute to the series’ success, keeping viewers engaged and invested in the unfolding plot. The dynamic interactions and relationships Berlin forms with other characters add emotional depth to Money Heist. Whether it’s his strategic maneuvers or moments of vulnerability, Berlin’s multifaceted personality keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. In essence, Berlin’s character is a crucial element that enhances the overall quality of Money Heist. The combination of stellar writing and a compelling performance makes him a standout character, earning the series a well-deserved 5-star rating.
  • If you’re hesitating due to negative reviews, I encourage you to watch and form your own opinion. Berlin is portrayed as a narcissistic, egoistic man, but his unique passion for love sets him apart from other characters. The first season may not fully explore why Berlin acts the way he does or reveal how he met his crew, but the chemistry among the cast is captivating. Personally, I found Bruce and Keila more interesting than Berlin and his lover. The other characters stand out on their own and can thrive without Berlin. While the show delves into love, it aligns with Berlin’s character, emphasizing his willingness to love even at the expense of others. Please give the show a chance; perhaps upcoming seasons will address these aspects and improve
  • I loved Berlin as a character in money heist, so I definitely had high expectations for this show and it ended up being so disappointing. It was too predictable, too many love stories, literally every single character had a love story which I felt was extremely unnecessary, too many avoidable loose ends. I wanted a heist show, not freaking soft porn. Berlin was so unfocused and disconnected from HIS own show, over a lady that told him one million times she wasn’t leaving her husband, how much clearer did he want her to be??! They all pissed me off so bad. If you’re looking for a show with 97% love story/love making scenes and 3% heist action, this is probably the show for you. I’m only giving this one star because of inspector Sierra!! My recommendation? SKIP IT!!
  • erlin is amazing, Short and sweet. Finish in season 1 only and we don’t have to wait for a year for climax. Alex Pina is the master in story telling. Amazing music, beautiful locations, heist and the love stories. One more time the Vancouver media team has nailed it.


1.Is there Berlin season 2?

ANS: The deal is not sealed for Berlin season 2.

2. Is Berlin alive in Season 3?

ANS: he appears in a main role in part 3 through flashbacks to several years earlier

3.Why was Berlin split into 2?

ANS: Many East Germans did not want to live in a communist country and crossed into West Berlin, where they could either settle or find transportation to West Germany and beyond.

4. When Berlin 2023 will release?

ANS: 29 December 2023

5. Will there be season 2 of Berlin?

ANS: Money Heist: Berlin Season 2 does not have an official release date, but it will likely be announced in the future

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