John Wick Chapter 4 Movie

John Wick Chapter 4 Movie


John Wick Chapter 4 is a 2023 American neo-noir action thriller movie.


Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves, born on September 2, 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon. He’s a Canadian actor, producer, and musician. Best known for his roles in “The Matrix” trilogy, “John Wick” series, and “Speed.” Reeves is also renowned for his humility, generosity, and philosophical outlook on life.

Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen: Actor, martial artist, director. Known for “Ip Man” series, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and “Flash Point.” Born in 1963 in China, raised in Boston. Trained in martial arts from childhood.

Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne is an accomplished actor known for roles in “The Matrix” trilogy, “Boyz n the Hood,” and “Apocalypse Now.” He’s also appeared in TV shows like “CSI” and “Hannibal.” Additionally, Fishburne has worked in theater and voice acting, including providing the voice for the character Morpheus in “The Matrix” films.

Bill Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård is a Swedish actor born on August 9, 1990. He gained international recognition for his portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the horror film “It” (2017) and its sequel “It Chapter Two” (2019). Skarsgård comes from a prominent acting family in Sweden, with his father Stellan Skarsgård being a well-known actor.


In New York City, John Wick wants revenge against the High Table and teams up with the Bowery King. He heads to Morocco and kills the powerful Elder. This makes the High Table furious. They send Marquis Vincent Bisset de Gramont to deal with John. Marquis strips Winston of his job, destroys the New York Continental Hotel, and kills Charon. Then he forces a retired assassin named Caine to hunt down John by threatening Caine’s daughter.

John hides out at a friend’s hotel in Osaka, Japan. When Marquis’s crew attacks, John fights them off with help from his friend and a mysterious figure named Mr. Nobody. Despite losing his friend in the battle, John escapes.

Back in New York, John meets with Winston, who suggests a way out: challenge Marquis to a duel, an old High Table tradition. But to do this, John needs to be part of a crime family again. He goes to Berlin to rejoin the Ruska Roma and must kill a High Table member to prove his loyalty.

John fights off an ambush and kills the High Table member, earning back his status. Winston arranges the duel, with high stakes for both sides. In Paris, they agree to a duel at Sacré-Cœur.

Before the duel, John faces many assassins trying to stop him, including Mr. Nobody. But John makes it to the duel in time. He and Caine wound each other, but John tricks Marquis and wins.

As a result, John and Caine are freed from the High Table, Winston gets his job back, and the New York Continental will be rebuilt. John dies from his wounds, and later, Winston and the Bowery King pay their respects at his grave.

In a surprise scene after the credits, Akira, seeking revenge for her father’s death, confronts Caine in Paris.


  • Keanu Reeves
  • Donnie Yen
  • Laurence Fishburne
  • Bill Skarsgård
  • Lance Reddick
  • Scott Adkins
  • Rina Sawayama
  • Hiroyuki Sanada
  • Shamier Anderson
  • Clancy Brown
  • Ian McShane

Top Gun: Maverick Movie


Directed byChad Stahelski
Written byShay Hatten
Michael Finch
Based onCharacters
by Derek Kolstad
Produced byBasil Iwanyk
Erica Lee
Chad Stahelski
Music byTyler Bates
Joel J. Richard
Release datesMarch 6, 2023 (London)
March 24, 2023 (United States)
Running time169 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$100 million
Box office$440.1 million


1.A sensational entry into the action heavy franchise that is “John Wick” & quite possibly the best action film in years.

2.John Wick: Chapter 4 takes the thrilling and action-packed franchise to new heights, delivering an adrenaline-fueled experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

3.Before entering john wick 4 you must understand the previous movies well obviously, but you gotta remember minor details like how the high table operates and some other stuff like bullet proof suits so u don’t ask how don’t they die right away.

4.John wick chapter 4 and almost all his movies are amazing. Don’t get me wrong but I love action movies, but John Wick just caught my eye. When I saw it for the first time I was instantly HOOKED.

5.I just want to say masterpiece of a movie first off just watched it for the 3rd time in theaters! Today after it first came out a couple of months ago.


1.Who stars in John Wick: Chapter 4?
Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and George Georgiou

2.Who wrote John Wick: Chapter 4?
Derek Kolstad, Shay Hatten, and Michael Finch

3.Who directed John Wick: Chapter 4?
Chad Stahelski

4.Who was the composer for John Wick: Chapter 4?
Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard

5.Who was the producer of John Wick: Chapter 4?
Chad Stahelski, Basil Iwanyk, and Erica Lee

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