Occupied City Movie 2023

Occupied City Movie 2023

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Occupied City is a documentary film from 2023 about when the Nazis took over Amsterdam during World War II. The film connects that history to recent times of pandemic and protest. It makes us think about how the past still affects us today and what might happen in the future. It’s a powerful and positive look at how we remember things and what that means for our lives now.


Melanie Hyams

The Boys In The Boat Movie 2023


Directed by Steve McQueen
Based on
Atlas of an Occupied City, Amsterdam 1940-1945
by Bianca Stigter
Produced by
Steve McQueen
Bianca Stigter
Anna Smith-Tenser
Floor Onrust
Narrated by Melanie Hyams
Music by Oliver Coates
Release dates
17 May 2023 (Cannes)
25 December 2023 (United States)
Running time 262 minutes
United Kingdom
United States
Language English


1.When will Occupied City be released?
December 25, 2023

2.Who will star in Occupied City?
Melanie Hyams

3.Who is the writer for Occupied City?
Bianca Stigter

4.Who is the director of Occupied City?
Steve McQueen

5.Who is the producer of Occupied City?
Steve McQueen, Bianca Stigter, Anna Smith Tenser, and Floor Onrust

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