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Dream Scenario Movie 2023:Release Date|Cast|Review

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Dream Scenario Movie 2023 is a American black comedy fantasy film.A hapless family man finds his life turned upside down when millions of strangers suddenly start seeing him in their dreams. When his nighttime appearances take a nightmarish turn, Paul is forced to navigate his newfound stardom.


1.Nicolas Cage

Born: 7 January 1964, Long Beach, California, United States
Nicolas Kim Coppola, known by his stage name Nicolas Cage, is an American actor and film producer. He is the recipient of various accolades, including an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

2.Julianne Nicholson

Born: 1 July 1971, Medford, Massachusetts, United States
Julianne Nicholson is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the film August: Osage County and the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Masters of Sex, Eyewitness, and Mare of Easttown, the last of which earned her a Primetime Emmy Award.

3.Michael Cera

Born: 7 June 1988, Brampton, Canada
Michael Austin Cera is a Canadian actor. He is known for his awkward, offbeat characters in coming of age comedy films and for portraying George Michael Bluth in the sitcom Arrested Development. He is also known for voicing Brother Bear in The Berenstain Bears.

4.Tim Meadows

Born: 5 February 1961, Highland Park, Michigan, United States
Tim Meadows is an American actor, comedian, and writer. Meadows was one of the longest-running cast members on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, where he appeared for 10 seasons from 1991 to 2000.

5.Dylan Gelula

Born: 7 May 1994, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Dylan Nicole Gelula is an American actress who is best known for her role of Xanthippe on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as her work in independent film.


Paul Matthews, a quiet biology professor, starts showing up in people’s dreams around the world, where he’s part of strange and funny events. His journalist ex-girlfriend Claire writes about it, making him famous overnight. People recognize him even if they’ve never met him.

While Paul enjoys the attention, he’s annoyed that he’s portrayed as dull in the dreams. His wife Janet wants him in her dreams, saving her while wearing a David Byrne-inspired Halloween costume.

Things take a dark turn when a mentally ill person, influenced by Paul’s dream presence, tries to harm him. Paul hires a PR firm, but he’s more interested in getting his book published than becoming a Sprite spokesman.

Paul faces embarrassment when an assistant at the firm admits to having erotic dreams about him. He’s further frustrated when a former colleague publishes a paper on the topic he planned to write his book about.

Suddenly, the dreams turn violent and hateful. Paul’s life falls apart – he’s put on leave from teaching, involved in public brawls, and Janet asks for a public apology, which he angrily refuses. Paul’s family suffers, and he becomes estranged from them.

Later on, the dreams stop, and technology is invented for dream-travel. Janet leaves Paul, and he goes on a lackluster book tour in France. The book is even renamed without his permission.

In the end, with the dream-travel technology, Paul enters one of Janet’s dreams, saves her, and wishes it were real before drifting away as she wakes up.


  • Nicolas Cage
  • Julianne Nicholson
  • Michael Cera
  • Tim Meadows
  • Dylan Gelula
  • Dylan Baker
  • Kate Berlant
  • Lily Bird
  • Jessica Clement
  • David Klein
  • Cara Volchoff
  • Noah Centineo
  • Nicholas Braun
  • Amber Midthunder
  • Lily Gao

Memory Movie 2023:Release Date|Story|Review


Directed byKristoffer Borgli
Written byKristoffer Borgli
Produced byLars Knudsen
Ari Aster
Tyler Campellone
Jacob Jaffke
Nicolas Cage
Music byOwen Pallett
Release datesSeptember 9, 2023 (TIFF)
November 10, 2023 (United States)
Running time100 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$7 million


1.i love A24 films, i feel like their creative crew really knows how to hit the spot without having a film be too corny. Aesthetically all their movies are pleasing regardless the genre. this movie left me satisfied, i was excited because the trailer gave me the same vibe as “beau is afraid” a previous wacky movie they made.

2.I absolutely adored this movie , they captured the essence of dreams really well. It had a clear message to thw cancel culture and how utterly ridiculous it can be. The cinematography in this movie was beautiful and the acting from everyone was great , Cage did such a fantastic job and he really made this character. It wasn’t the usual Cage character , eccentric and loud , I forgot it was him at times and I know hardnti believe but it’s true, he really captured me.

3.What a great film to end 2023 with. The production quality and writing is top notch and I was invested throughout the whole film.

4.Dream Scenario is a refreshing breeze, seamlessly blending humor, emotion, and a touch of surrealism. Their quirks and struggles resonating with authenticity.

5.Dream Scenario presents an exemplary cinematic experience, meriting a commendable 5-star rating.


1.Who stars in Dream Scenario?
Lily Bird, Nicolas Cage, and Julianne Nicholson

2.Who wrote Dream Scenario?
Kristoffer Borgli

3.Who directed Dream Scenario?
Kristoffer Borgli

4.Who was the composer for Dream Scenario?
Owen Pallett

5.Who was the producer of Dream Scenario?
Nicolas Cage, Ari Aster, Lars Knudsen, Jacob Jaffke, and Tyler Campellone

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